Coming Your Way This Month!

Tuesday, March 5

  • The Humourist continues his mock-heroic literary analysis of the “Ballad of Moore of Moore Hall.”

Tuesday, March 12

  • The Humourist delves into divination and fortune-telling.
  • Additionally, he brings us “The Petition of Sir John Barley-Corn, Kt.”

Tuesday, March 19

  • The Humourist delivers a proclamation from the Court on Mount Parnassus (signed by “Mnemosyna, Secr.”), forbidding the writing of “Verse or Verses, Poem or Poems.”
  • The Humourist shares his allegorical poem, “The Temple of Happiness.”
  • Peter Hemp writes a letter to the Humourist proposing that he can live harmoniously in Carolina along with Messrs. Indico, Pot-Ash, Green-Tar, and Rice.
  • Urbanicus continues his correspondence with the Humourist and poses eleven more questions.

Tuesday, March 26

  • The Humourist is in company with the Muses and shares with us his song, “The Rising Beauty.”

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