Coming in April!

April 2

  • The Humourist sings the praises of descriptive poetry and maintains that many modern writers surpass the “Antients” in their beautiful descriptions of morning.

April 9

  • The Humourist ends his essays with a brief notice declaring that he has become an invalid and will never again “enter the Lists of Authorism in this Province.”

April 16

  • The Wired Researcher shares his plan for unveiling all the authorship “clues” that he has amassed since the blog began last November 26.

10 thoughts on “Coming in April!

  1. Happy Easter to my favorite researcher!

    Stephen Hudak | VP University | 130 Chestnut Oak Road, Front Royal, Virginia 22630 | 540.622.7499 |
    “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill


  2. What? What? It’s nearly over?! But I haven’t deciphered the clues yet! I don’t think I’ve even spotted the CORRECT clues! Speaking of which, are you sure “becoming an invalid” isn’t a euphemism for “being sent to prison”?

    Because I still think The Humourist was the black sheep second son of an important English (or Irish) family! I also think his writings helped incite the Revolutionary War!


    • I must say, Indigo Kentucky Girl, that I am impressed! I won’t go so far as to say that the Humourist incited the Revolutionary War, but I will go so far as to affirm that he was from time to time the black sheep of his SCOTTISH family! Now, Indigo Kentucky Girl, I have just tossed a MAJOR clue your way, so you had best get busy with your deciphering!


    • Thanks and Happy Easter to you as well! I’m also looking forward to my April 16th blog. The challenge of unveiling all the clues that I have amassed over the last few months is immense. However, I am confident that I can reveal the Humourist’s identify, layer by layer, in a way that (hopefully) will keep my followers following! When all is revealed, all will be amazed!~


  3. Dear Professor: This is it! Your promise, “When all is revealed…” covers so many other wonderful mysteries as well. This should be the foundation of the inquisitive life. Thank you! And remember, Wired “rimes” with Admired!


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