This Week: I Will Reveal The Humourist’s Identity!

Don’t forget:  I will reveal The Humourist’s identity this coming Thursday, August 8, 6PM, at The Charleston Library Society where I will be the guest speaker. 

You can read more about the Speakers Series by visiting the website:  The Charleston Library Society.  When you get there, check out their Events and Programs.

The program is free and open to the public.  I’d love to see some of you there for this important revelation!  The Charleston Library Society is promoting my talk as “Colonial Charleston’s Biggest Literary Mystery”!

If you cannot join us, rest assured that I will provide coverage right here, orchestrated in a way that will allow you to find out The Humourist’s identity at the same time that I am disclosing it to those attending my live presentation:  6PM, Thursday, August 8.

4 thoughts on “This Week: I Will Reveal The Humourist’s Identity!

  1. Dear Wired Professor! I would give anything to be present, but cannot make the trip. Additionally, since driving is indeed much more perilous than sitting in my retirement recliner at home, I will at any cost attempt to increase my chances of not dying before I learn the true identity. I have been feeling I might do that anyway, waiting forever, but here we are, at last. I am humbly thankful for your deep interest in literature, history, written expression, faith, and, of course, your students and colleagues.

    However, if by some chance I should pass on to the other side in the coming days, before you fess up to the (99+% possible, meaning you don’t really know for sure) identity, and I find that there is no information trail across the particular eternal gap I may be subject to, and since you would not likely join me in the setting I most likely will experience, and since it would be another eternity like we have already experienced waiting, please slip the name on a Post-it note into my coffin…

    Many thanks, Professor. You are undoubtedly (99+%) the best!

    With kindest regards. Morgan


    • What a delightful and playful comment, Morgan! Thank you! How I do wish that you could make the trip! As for me, I want to “go” doing something that I enjoy doing! And since I have so many things that I enjoy doing, I have a world of opportunities for going!

      Please, please, please: do not embark on your “going” before this Thursday (August 8, 6PM) when I reveal The Humourist’s identity!

      However, if you achieve eternity before August 8, let me suggest this: roam around eternity and ask all those who are there with you, “Are you the Humourist?”And when you encounter someone who answers, “Yes,” he will be the same person whose name I will reveal this Thursday! Count on it! At that point, please: SPIRIT your confirmation to me. I am wired. I listen to this world and beyond! Thank you for sizing me up as 99+96% the best! More, though, thank you for being such a faithful follower! It means the world to me!


  2. This is so exciting! I wish I could be there in person, but I shall certainly be watching for the live coverage! I hope the Library has lined up some reporters and journalists. This is News!


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