The Wired Researcher and Alexander Gordon: Live Streaming from New Horizons!

Hopefully “Live Streaming” and “New Horizons” in the title of today’s post made you sit up and take notice!

Live Streaming.  New Horizons.  Resplendent, both, with possibilities!  So here’s the scoop.

I’m headed off to the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) “2014 VCCS New Horizons Conference” being held this week at historic Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center (Roanoke, Virginia.)

On Friday, April 11, 9AM, I’ll join Charlie Evans (Professor of History, NVCC) and Patrick Reed (Associate Professor of History, NVCC) for a panel presentation titled “Achieving Teaching Excellence through the Chancellor’s Commonwealth Professor’s Program.”  (The three of us were Chancellor’s Professors for 2012-2014.)

In our session we will share what we did for our respective projects and how the Chancellor’s Commonwealth Professor’s Program has helped us achieve teaching excellence.

If you want to join the three of us “live,” you can. VCCS New Horizons 2014 is Live Streaming! This year, ten sessions are being broadcast live.

So, just do it!  Join us this Friday, April 11, 9AM!

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