Coming in January!

As we approach the New Year, my posts will continue to be in sync with The Humourist’s publication dates. 

January 1

  • The Humourist explores the ancient tradition of presenting “Tokens of Friendship” on New Year’s day.

January 8

  • The Humourist humors himself by writing several letters to himself under the names of Tom Sprightly and Ignotus.

January 15

  • The Humourist examines the foundations of drama.  In addition, he writes another letter to himself that includes “doggerel lines composed by some snarling fellow”:  “The Triple Plea:  Law, Physic, and Divinity.”

January 22

  • The Humourist asserts that writers should adjust their diets to suit the nature of the subject matter under consideration.  For example, “A Pastoral Writer must addict himself to the primitive way of living; Vegetables for his Diet, and for his Drink, the purling Stream.”

January 29

  • The Humourist ends the month with an essay about the paradox of the wise man of Mitilene:  half is better than the whole.  “One half of our abilities properly husbanded, and the other half discovered, is of more real Importance, than the whole profusely squandered.”